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Watermark Hotel & Spa Bali for family

A Memorable Family Escape in Bali! Showcasing the Outstanding Amenities of Watermark Hotel & Spa Bali

A Memorable Family Escape in Bali! Showcasing the Outstanding Amenities of Watermark Hotel & Spa Bali

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Located close to the airport in the Jimbaran district of Bali, Watermark Hotel & Spa Bali provides exceptional facilities and amenities suitable for families.

Here, we unveil the features that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Relaxing Suite Rooms

family suite room

Firstly, there are generously sized suite rooms.

These rooms present a serene sanctuary for families to unwind, boasting contemporary decor and inviting wooden elements that create a welcoming ambiance for our guests.

The suite room accommodations showcase spacious beds and living areas, catering to families who cherish valuable moments spent together.

Furthermore, we offer pool suite rooms accompanied by secluded swimming pools, enabling families to fully immerse themselves in uninterrupted bonding time

Kids Club for Children

kids club

Located on the lower level, the “Nak.Nik Kids Club” provides a specially designed zone where children spanning from toddlers to elementary school students can immerse themselves in an array of captivating activities, including interactive video games, creative Lego play, and a diverse selection of toys.

Twin Family Pool Retreat

main pool

Kids poolLocated on the initial floor of the hotel, you’ll discover a substantial main pool alongside a 40cm deep kids’ pool, purposefully designed to provide a safe and engaging play space for children.

We offer a range of aquatic playthings, including water toys, kids’ floaties, and water guns, within the pool vicinity.

Even if you haven’t brought any water toys from Japan, your children can still have a fantastic time playing.

rooftop pool

Furthermore, perched on the hotel’s fifth level is a rooftop pool that showcases a panoramic vista of Bali’s wide-open sky, conjuring a tropical resort vibe.

Exquisite Spa Escape, Unparalleled Spa Pampering, Superior Spa Indulgence

Liang spaWe provide a spa experience that is suitable for all family members to unwind and rejuvenate.

Indulge in the luxurious Balinese massages and treatments offered at Liang Spa, offering a rejuvenating experience for your mind and body.

Experience a tranquil and therapeutic time with your family as you immerse yourselves in these authentic Balinese therapies.

Foodie’s Paradise: 3 Restaurants and a Café

restaurantOur dining offerings encompass a wide array of options that are well-suited for families.

Our dining venue, known as “W Sense,” caters to families with specialized children’s menus and distinctive family menus, ensuring a diverse array of culinary choices.

As an alternative option, ‘Imadoki,’ our Japanese restaurant, provides an opportunity to indulge in the intricate flavors of dishes meticulously prepared by our skilled Japanese Chef, featuring Soba, Udon, and Tempura.

Furthermore, our hotel offers the convenience of room service, ensuring that every member of the family can enjoy a comfortable dining experience at their own pace.

Finally, the “Angelique Café” is a delightful patisserie and café positioned adjacent to the invigorating pool, providing a serene setting where you can unwind and enjoy moments of relaxation.

Strategic Positioning Near Key Tourist Sites

Ibiza Beach ClubIn close proximity to Watermark Hotel & Spa, you’ll find an abundance of family-friendly tourist attractions to explore and delight in.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of beautiful beaches, an assortment of water sports, and thrilling adventure parks, ensuring countless memorable experiences with your family.

Calmness Medical Center

The safety and well-being of our guests are our top priorities. In the unfortunate event of a family member falling ill, our second-floor clinic is readily available, providing access to your overseas travel insurance.

Furthermore, adjacent to the hotel, you will find a prestigious international medical center, providing added assurance and convenience for any healthcare needs.

We ensure rigorous hygiene protocols and guarantee a pristine and secure setting for your utmost peace of mind.

Watermark hotel Mask staffOur dedicated team is committed to providing genuine hospitality and heartfelt services, ensuring that your family feels embraced and well-cared for during your entire stay.

To craft enduring memories during your family getaway in Bali, Watermark Hotel & Spa Bali presents a diverse array of family-oriented facilities and services, carefully curated to ensure an unforgettable and cherished experience.

With comfortable suites, a dedicated kids’ club, a relaxing spa, and delicious dining options, Watermark Hotel & Spa Bali guarantees a satisfying experience for every family member.

We are delighted to invite you and experience the ultimate family trip at Watermark Hotel & Spa Bali.